* Disclaimer: (1) Road Tax and Fuel are the sole responsibility of the owner or person leaving the vehicle in my care.

(2)Peugeot Servicing and Repairs Limited will not be responsible for any tickets, clamping or towing charges incurred due to untaxed vehicles.

(3) Any vehicle left with insufficient fuel which results in the vehicle becoming immobile will incur a £30 charge plus the cost of the fuel purchased.

(4) All vehciles will be kept on site and monitored by CCTV, however it is of the understanding that vehicles are left at the owners own risk, We will accept no responsibility for loss or damage not directly caused by us.

(5) Peugeot Servicing and Repairs Limited cannot and will not be responsible for any underlying problems or defects your vehicle may have, any problems experienced after works carried out that are not immediately related to the works done or requested will not be our responsibility.

(6) Vehicles that are not collected within a reasonable timeframe after works completed will be subject to a £20 per day storage charge starting from the day of completion.

(7) A verbal or written estimate does not constitute an offer to do the works at the price quoted and is not to be taken as legally binding in any way but only as an approximate guide to the cost of works undertaken.

(8) Ensure you have means to pay! vehicles WILL NOT be release without payment in full.