At Peugeot Servicing and Repairs you will receive dealer level servicing but without the hefty price tag.

All parts used will be either genuine original equipment if your vehicle is less than 3 years old or PSA approved parts if older.

Is my warranty covered

Yes. In line with the EU Block Exemption regulations, to ensure a vehicle’s warranty is protected, you should ensure that the manufacturer’s service schedule is followed and all parts are replaced or serviced in line with the timeline or mileage indicated in the service schedule.

What is the EU Block Exemption regulations

To prevent car servicing being restricted to the main dealerships, the EU Parliament introduced the EU Block Exemption Regulations.

These regulations meant manufacturers had to make key information such as service schedules and other servicing information available to all garages. As a result, I can carry out the same level of service to those provided by dealerships, using parts that will protect your warranty.

So you can rest assured that if you have your vehicle serviced or wear and tear repairs done here your vehicles warranty is safe and sound.

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