Peugeot 1.4 & 1.6 HDI Engine Failures

If you own a Peugeot/Citroën 1.4 or 1.6 HDI then this information applies to you.......

Peugeot's Recommended Service intervals for these engine are currently set at

1.4 HDI ( 20,000 Miles or 2 Years)

1.6 HDI (12,000 Miles or 2 Years)

It has been evident in my experience that these recommendations are way too far apart.

These Engines run extremely hot which in the long term effects the chemical structure of the oil causing it to thicken and congeal.

I have seen many many cases of this happening which unfortunately for you (the customer) results in either;

1) Oil Pump Failure.

2) Turbo Failure (due to oil starvation as the oil feed lines clog up with congealed oil).

3) Total Engine Seizure.

You can Drastically reduce the chances of this happening to you by changing the oil more regularly.

My strong recommendation would be to at least half the dealer stated intervals.

There is also a 2nd Cause to this problem, Leaking Injectors !!!!

On some occasions the Copper Seals on the end of the injector fail and start to leak excess fuel into the engine which causes the same congealing affect as previously stated.

A simple check you can do yourself is to open the bonnet, remove the small plastic engine cover.

If you can see a thick carbon build up around your injectors, normally the last one on the right then, your seals will need replacing.

By following this advise you can potentially avoid any of these problems happening to you and save yourself a small fortune on repairs.

Example Photos Below of the carbon build up to look for.

Injector oil/carbon build up picture 1  Injector oil/carbon build up picture 2  Injector oil/carbon build up picture 3

This is a comparison of a contaminated injectors and ones I have refurbished.

Contaminated diesel injector  Refurbished diesel injector  Clean injectors

How a clean injector set should look!

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