Peugeot Service Schedule Intervals


Knowing when your Peugeot is due to be serviced in an important part in maintaining your vehicle and extending it's running life.

A majority of people believe it is the same for all vehicles and engines, however it is something that varies a lot and it is important that you keep to your vehicles requirements to ensure you get the most out of your engine. 

Below you will find the service schedules for both petrol and diesel models of Peugeot.


Vehicles Registered until 1999


Petrol Engines are Serviced every 12,000 miles with every 36k being a Full Service.

Diesel Engines are Serviced every 9,000 miles with every 36k being a Full Service.


Vehicles Registered from 1999


At a glance:


Service Schedules at a glance

Please click on the Links below to see your schedule: (PDF Formats)

Service Schedule Checklist 

All Petrol Models 

Diesel Models:

All 1.4 & 1.6 HDI's, 407 2.0 HDI  & Expert HDI, Boxer Sofim

All other Diesels

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